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About Wundercub

We create temporary tattoos that promote and inspire learning.

Wundercub was founded in 2015 by Lindsay and Anthony Lane. Lindsay is a stay-at-home-mom with a degree in art education, and Anthony works full time as an Art Director for Target, and is a freelance graphic designer running his own studio on the side.

Wundercub began when our little cub Nigel turned 2 in January 2015. It started when we noticed Nigel had a fascination with temporary tattoos. Coincidentally, this happened right around the time his language was starting to develop. 

As is with most kids, Nigel has an innate love of discovering, naming, collecting, and identifying his favorite things. His interest turned into an obsession and one tattoo—on more than one occasion—ended up leading to to a full sleeve of tattoos. We noticed how he would curiously examine, touch, and talk about them. It was then that we realized these temporary tattoos could be a learning opportunity. But, we weren't satisfied with the design or subject matter of the temporary tattoos that were available. This is why we created Wundercub. Our temporary tattoos are designed with learning in mind, and with a care about the quality of design and subject matter.


Our mission is to provide parents with a fresh take on the temporary tattoo, and introduce a new way of learning for kids. We believe the temporary tattoo can be a fun and creative tool, one that helps promote learning through image-recognition, memory-retention, reading and vocabulary development.